Photo – Serenity x Infinity



Sunrises and Sunsets in Runaway Bay, Jamaica…Serenity times infinity.


The fisherman, in hopes of beating the heat of the day, fish early for schools of Sprat feeding in the waters. Jamaican Sprat Fishing The fisherman make no noise, barely any splashing, as they lower their nets into the water to capture the small gleaming fish.


Shine on Jamaican Sun! One of my favorite destinations.


Do you see the bird basking in the sun atop the nearest umbrella? He resembles a wood-carving, but he is real.

20 thoughts on “Photo – Serenity x Infinity

        1. Yes, very true, and I also added another to the challenge board…so funny, I had already blogged it, in the past, and also re-blogged today, and it totally fits the theme. Thanks so much. Have the best of days!


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