Phavorite – Turn – AMC series

In April of 2014, I watched the début of the AMC series “Turn.” The series is based on real-life spies during the Revolutionary War. The show quickly became a favorite, and I didn’t miss an episode. I hoped the series had been renewed, and was delighted to find out season 2 will begin in the Spring of this year. If you enjoy watching historical movies and television, be sure to watch “Turn.”

There is time beforehand to view clips of the series, read up on what is coming in season 2, and make yourself familiar with the characters. On Demand often replays a series in the few weeks before a new season begins. I’ve included several links below that will give you a good look at the show before you decide to watch or purchase season one. Season one is available at

AMC series: TURN
Video Clips of AMC series: TURN

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