Perspective – A Perfect Moment/Scene Two

This past weekend my two older grandsons had two nights of sleepover at our house. What fun we had watching movies, blowing up the air mattress, painting amazing artwork and shopping for snacks. It was fun to be a part of their hours here, but these two moments were heart-touchingly sweet, and worth sharing.


The boys love the bin of craft supplies in the basement. The bin is nothing more than a big container filled with recyclables I think hold creative promise. The younger grandson, in kindergarten, learning how to “create” and understand what a treasure is, put together a desk caddy for me from items in the bin. He presented his creation to me as I sat at my desk, his eyes shining with pride, and said, “Nanny, I know you will keep this forever.” Of course I will! Created out of an old coffee can and a CD holder, with loads of tape and an old brass number, it is a perfect receptacle for my pens and scissors.

precious moment

Later, nearing the time for the boys to go back home, my older grandson disappeared. He came back bearing his gift to me, the thank you card in the photo above. I am blessed!

6 thoughts on “Perspective – A Perfect Moment/Scene Two

  1. Kathy, you are blessed indeed. Do you use the pen holder still? I keep my daughter’s little cards of love to me, and use them as bookmarks in my Bible. They remind me of her love, and especially serve as keepsakes for a time when she may not be there to daily tell me how much she loves me.


    1. Susie, I am the same. I have childhood pictures of my sons in my Bible. They are grown with children of their own, but every day when I read my Bible and pray I look at those faces, my treasures, and pray for their lives to be blessed by God.

      Yes, I still have the pen holder. I love it. The grandson who made it, comes into my craft room, and asks, “Nanny, do you still use this?” And I always affirm that I still use it. He is pleased when I say that, and it is true, it is used and stays on my desk.

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