Project – Hand Cream

I am re-blogging this amazing recipe. Now is the time of the year we really need a hand cream with extra softening power.

As Sandra Lee says, “Semi-Homemade.”

1. Gather Supplies: Big Mixing Bowl, Mixer, 8 oz Baby Lotion, 4 oz Vitamin E Cream, 4 oz Vaseline. (As you can see if you check out the blog recipe at bottom of post, I halved the ingredients they suggested)

2. Scoop out Vitamin E Cream and Vaseline into mixing bowl. Measure out 8 oz of baby lotion.

3. Beat until the mixture resembles light whipped cream. (This step took less than a minute)

4. Scoop into jars.

5. Slather on dry heels and hands. Even my husband liked it. I love it! Next time I will make the full batch. The hardest part was gathering up the jars and getting the cream into the narrow mouths.

Here is the original blog recipe in case you want to check out this one too. Enjoy!

Blog Site For Homemade Hand Cream

The cream makes a perfect gift!

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