Produce – Charentais Melon


“A Charentais melon is a type of cantaloupe melon, Cucumis melo var. cantalupensis. It is a small variety of melon, similar in flesh to cantaloupes, but with a more fragrant smell. It was developed in western France around 1920 as a more refined cantaloupe. Most are now produced in North Africa, with some limited production in the United States.” ~ Wikipedia

Cantaloupes are not a new type of produce for me, they have been a staple on my table for as long as I can remember, but The Charentais Melon is a new taste experience. The melon I recently bought might have been a tad under-ripe, but the flavor was wonderful. The color of the flesh was tantalizing, a deeper apricot color than the cantaloupes I often buy at this time of year. I really admire the appearance of this cantaloupe, and enjoyed cutting slices using the green stripes as a guide. Would I buy this cantaloupe variety again? You betcha’.


12 thoughts on “Produce – Charentais Melon

  1. Merryn

    I love fresh fruit. The best time of year for variety seems to be Summer, here in Australia. Canteloupes can be wonderful or very disappointing here. I have never eaten them on a regular basis because they are so hit and miss. They certainly are yummy when they are good though!

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