Quick Tip – Phaleonopsis Orchid


My Phaleonopsis Orchid rebloomed yesterday. I’ve been watching the buds develop for weeks. I love Phaleonopsis Orchids and they are readily available in most stores with a plant section. They rebloom easily if you remember one QUICK TIP: Don’t cut the entire stem away from the plant after the blossoms fall off. New stems and buds will grow from this first stem. If part of the stem becomes shriveled and is obviously dead, go ahead and cut that portion, but leave anything that is still firm and alive.


Here is a good video on the proper place to cut a stem for regrowth. I personally have never used a fungicide after cutting, but if I did I would probably use a dusting of cinnamon which is a natural fungicide. Using cinnamon as a fungicide.

12 thoughts on “Quick Tip – Phaleonopsis Orchid

  1. glad your orchid bloomed! yeah! I do not have any of these (by choice) but my friend has many – and a couple are from me because trader joe’s carries these gems often. ๐Ÿ™‚

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    1. There is not a Trader Joe’s close enough to me to go weekly…although I know a few who make the 1/2 hour trip through heavy traffic. I wish one would move down this way. Maybe one day…sometimes Produce Junction will have them, but they are a long ride too.


      1. well for a little while I used to drive over 60 minutes to get to the trader joes in Hamden roads (on jefferson ave) seriously – but then when it opened here I did not really go – found some locaL stores that I liked. but then this last year – my son has been all into the non-gmo and he is a huge trader Joe’s fan – and so we go – and their prices are great for what you get – on most things – ๐Ÿ™‚
        but if you have places to get your stuff – then the drive is not worth it, ya know?

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        1. I do know…I usually try to combine places that are far into on big run…stop here, stop there…go a little further for another place I like, but I don’t go regularly to those that are far away…only if I can do it all in one big swoop of a food run.

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            1. Yes it’s a good week, rainy, but we really needed the rain. Everything was getting brown and it was still May. June brought us some rain and we are glad of it. Things are greening up again.

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