Place – Delaware Bay Part I/Fortescue, New Jersey & The Landing Cafe


Fortescue, New Jersey is one of our favorite local destinations to visit in warmer weather. The beaches are a terrific place to fish. While we were there the couple we were watching caught a Croaker.


Croakers are a good fish for eating. My husband and I have a goal this year to go fishing a few times along the Delaware Bay.


Lunch at the nearby Landing Cafe at Sundog Marina in Newport, NJ was our next stop. We love their delicious crab bisque soup.


We enjoy our weekend outings alongside the beautiful Delaware Bay.

10 thoughts on “Place – Delaware Bay Part I/Fortescue, New Jersey & The Landing Cafe

    1. Yes, Delaware has a sea coast too. A very popular ocean resort town called Rehoboth Beach. The place we are visiting is on the New Jersey side of the Delaware Bay. On the other side you can, on a very clear day, sometimes make out the shadowy forms of the Delaware side of the bay.

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        1. Philly is on the banks of the Delaware River, which runs into the Delaware Bay, which then joins the Atlantic Ocean. The Chesapeake Bay is also another big favorite of ours. It runs through Maryland and Virginia and to the sea. I’ve lived near big bodies of water since I’ve been about six years old. I don’t like the feeling when I am inland and land-locked.

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