Photograph – Creepy Self-Portrait

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Creepy.”“This week, show us something creepy — because hey, we can’t take photos of rainbows and puppies every day. Well, okay, I guess we can. But let’s branch out anyway!”


This was definitely an accidental self-portrait…my face reflected in the windowpane as I snapped photos of a gigantic spider spinning a web outside. The species of spider is harmless, but I’m still glad the window was between us. The next morning…she was gone.

6 thoughts on “Photograph – Creepy Self-Portrait

    1. Very, very carefully…sometimes things just work out exactly right in spite of ourselves. If I had tried and tried to get that spider in that spot, at that time, and me at the ready with a camera…it would have never happened. Happy coincidence. Thanks for the comment.

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