Perspective – The Blessing of the Picky Eater

“Corn is a very fine food,

For animals and man.

You can find it on a cob,

You can eat it in a can.”

My husband is a picky eater. He has always been a picky eater. He tells a story of the hiding place he found on his mother’s kitchen table, a small ledge on the underside, where as a child, he would hide the peas he didn’t want to eat. He has no liking for all the good green veggies: green beans, lettuce, lima beans, cabbage, kale, garlic, onions, etc., etc., etc. He loves corn though. The little poem is from a third grade play he was in. He recites this to me when I grumble about eating corn again, and again, and again.

Have you ever cooked for a picky eater? It is not easy, but here is the blessing in the scenario, learning how to bring out the good flavors in just a few items has created in me an ability to cook almost anything fairly well. I’m happy to say, little bites by little bites, my husband has learned to eat some new things. He likes broccoli now…can you believe that, but he still won’t eat peas!

10 thoughts on “Perspective – The Blessing of the Picky Eater

  1. Kathy, I have a daughter who is a picky eater. She hates onions and anything slimy( as she says it) and also says she does not like cooked vegetables as they do not have nutrients at all( I think its just her excuse to not eat her veggies). I am not picky at all. My husband – well, he is a whole different story- he eats only those foods which he has been habituated to eating since childhood- he does not like trying anything new.
    Kathy, how have you been ?
    I have nominated you for a “quote challenge”. If you would share some of your life’s philosophies, I would be blessed.


    1. I’ve been well Susie! I hope you have been well also. Thanks for the quote challenge…can I put it on hold for a day or two? I don’t have my usual access to email right now and can only check the computer briefly once a day. Have a good Monday my friend. Kathy

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  2. I totally empathise. Both my husband and son can be very picky with different food and sometimes I felt frustrated about cooking a meal they would both enjoy, but often ended up cooking 2 meals instead. My son’s left home now, but I still have to think about DH when I want to cook something I particularly like and I know he’s not very keen on. 😦

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  3. Mary Bigger

    If it is canned peas I’m with your husband. Even hiding them in mashed potatoes doesn’t help. Raw peas are a different story. I can always tell when my husband has been in the garden by the pod trail:).


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