Prompt – Throwback Thursday – I Should Be Dancing!

I read today, that on this date in 1923, the Charleston Dance was widely introduced in a Broadway show called “Runnin’ Wild.” The dance had been around since 1903. The music that accompanies the dance is a form of syncopated ragtime jazz.

Childlike Daily Prompt
Explain your biggest regret — as though to a small child.

I always wished I was a better dancer. When I was a child, poring over books laden with photographs of ballerinas, I was sure I would grow up to be wear their beribboned shoes and frilly costumes. I still tap my toes when I hear disco, but have forgotten all the fancy moves I once knew except the self-explanatory, “The Bump.”

I challenge everybody who still regrets they are not a better dancer to kick up your heels and cut a few “Charleston” moves today…if nothing else…the dance is great exercise! “You Should Be Dancing!”

Thanks so much for your comments. They fill my life with sunshine.

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