Perspective – Refugee Crisis

The refugee crisis is building. People have escaped the wars and persecution in their homeland and have nowhere to go. Countries are forced into opening their borders for those in need of help and sanctuary. Yet…as we all know…wolves in sheep’s clothing are also entering in with the refugees. I don’t know the answer. As a Christian I want to help my fellow man, following Jesus’ example of the good Samaritan, but on the other hand I also have read extensively in the Old Testament and know Israel was brought to ruin many times by letting refugees settle in their land bringing their own customs and religion with them. Today I read an article with an excellent perspective on the situation and Jesus’ parable of the Good Samaritan. I’ve included a quote and link to the full article below:

“But it’s important to recognize a couple of things. First, the Samaritan did not take the man into his own home. He paid the bill, but he did not in any way put himself at risk of harm from the man. Even more importantly, the Samaritan made a free choice of his own will to help the man.

What the left wants to do in the case of the Syrian refugees is use the power of the state to force an entire nation to welcome people into their midst without any effort to ensure that members of ISIS with evil intentions were filtered out. That’s not compassion. That’s national suicide. And if you think God wants nations to commit suicide, just skim through the Old Testament and consider the many instructions He gave to Israelite kings to attack foreign armies – even killing and plundering those they conquered. When it came to warfare, God instructed the kings of Israel to be pretty ruthless in dealing with their enemies.”

~ What does the Bible really say about taking in Syrian refugees-Dan Calabrese/Canadian Free Press

15 thoughts on “Perspective – Refugee Crisis

  1. This tragedy has my feelings conflicted. I like the analogy of the Good Samaritan. The Nazarene Fund has raised over 12 million dollars from individuals to help resettle the refugees in the same manner as the Good Samaritan used. I believe the anwer lies in people helping. Government does a poor job in such matters.

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    1. And I so appreciate your comment. Too many ignore this…I would have liked to ignore it, but feel I had to take some sort of stand. My heart breaks for the people who are suffering, yet, the suffering that will occur if only a handful of well-organized evildoers sneak in amongst the innocents will cause untold tragedy…Paris is an example of what can happen anywhere.

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  2. “Israel was brought to ruin many times by letting refugees settle in their land bringing their own customs and religion with them.” Uncomfortable as it is, and this includes for me, we really have to stop thinking in terms of property. We need to think in terms of stewardship of the planet and not ownership. That includes stewardship of each other. We need to embrace our differences, our fascinating differences and work together to ensure the survival of the planet so we all get a fair share. Its the inequalities and imbalances that have created the situation we find ourseles in. Exclusion is the exact opposite of what needs to happen. Just my opinion. 🙂

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    1. I disagree that inequalities and imbalances are the cause of this problem…they are nothing but convenient excuses for people who have given their lives over to evil. There is no reasoning with them. I thank you so much for the time you took to reply…it’s appreciated.

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        1. I feel the same…I want to live a life of availability to others, but don’t want those I love to be in danger in the future because of my choices today. You are right…it all just goes on and on…there doesn’t seem to a correct solution or answer.

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          1. The answer must be Love: “What is the loving thing to do?” Not an easy question to answer. I have been particularly anxious today watching on TV last night a chilling programme about radical women moslems here in the UK. A young woman went under cover and joined a group. One of these women, speaking at a secret group meeting and very negatively, about Britain, in a dramatic manner, had four young children in tow. There were a lot of children there. Children are the future. Then today, I learn that Turkey has shot down a Russian plane. You may have guessed from my surname that my spouse is Turkish by birth. I’m English born and bred. Neither of us practices Islam, yet there are always assumptions. We have both been subjected to racism. One can only live one’s life. I’m an artist and writer (and amateur singer). I focus on those activities. Art has great potential for bringing folks together. Healing. Speech over! Blessings to you and good luck in your endeavours. Take care. 🙂

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            1. I like your “speeches,” and appreciate the time you take to comment. I always enjoy hearing what others have to say about current events, especially from the viewpoint of living in another country. I never want to close my ears to the voices of others who are genuinely concerned about the same problems that I face. It is chilling to hear that children are being exposed to hatred. I’m so sorry to hear you have been exposed to racism and other unfair assumptions. You mentioned your focus on art…I also focus on creating. I think focus in these instances of hatred is a key to solving the problem…something you touched on briefly in a previous comment…the focus needs to change from hatred to love. I also agree that art brings people together. 🙂

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            2. The knowledge that there are more people around the world trying consciously to live loving and creative lives than those devoting their precious gifts to destruction and hatred, is uplifting. The upside of life online! 🙂

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  3. Kathy,
    I am so glad to read your post on “current events”. I for one have been appalled by the large numbers of migrations that have been taking place in recent years – but the ones that get the most publicity are the ones from war torn countries in the Middle East- what about the poor Africans who move from Africa to Europe- why is no one talking about them or the Bangladeshis or Burmese moving to other countries or even the Tibetans ?
    My personal take is moving for the sake of good jobs and a lucrative life in another country is a personal choice and if the country they aim to go to is willing to house them with citizenship- it should be fine but in the case of refugees, International law not withstanding, as you say, it would be dangerous to let new people into so called “safe” countries without a thorough check and this is not racism- it is personal security- or there should be something like temporary asylum- give them shelter and food for a time, which is pre-determined and they live as “guests” of the new country but they will need to go back when that period is over or if they choose to be citizens, then they might have to assimilate with the new cultures and not live in cultural cocoons. If I were American, I would vote Right too.

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    1. Susie, I agree with your wonderful comment. Your words are so well thought out and written. Thank you so much for taking the time to express what you think…and express it so clearly. There is a great wisdom in what you say. I think that the caution people are expressing about the refugees is being deliberately misrepresented by those who want things their way in this country. No one is saying, “Don’t help,” they are only advising that when you extend a helping hand, do so with wide open eyes.

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      1. Absolutely agree ! There is place enough and resources enough in this world for everyone- it depends on us human beings to look around and use what we get, instead of peeping into our neighbour’s plate or door, envying what they have and then desiring it and doing whatever to get it. There is a lot to say for ” Do not covet your neighbour’s property”, which I think is what all this comes to.

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