Photographs – Riding the Waves


Today was the perfect day to put our bicycles in the back of the truck and head for Ocean City, NJ. Quite a few people took advantage of the warm temperatures, and although the sky was overcast, the boardwalk had a good crowd walking its length. In the distance you can see Atlantic City in a haze of foggy mist.


The surf was rough today…according to the Ocean City Surf Report the waves were 7 to 7.5 feet, and the water temperature was between 52-55 degrees. Dozens of wetsuit-clad surfers were gathered in the water waiting for the perfect wave.


I’ve never seen the waves so large in Ocean City.


It’s mesmerizing to watch the surfers “TRANSITION” from calmly waiting to flying across the face of the wave.

water spin

At times the transition means wiping out.


No big deal, the surfer paddles back out and begins again.


9 thoughts on “Photographs – Riding the Waves

  1. I love surfing. I learned this wonderful sport 12 years ago, aged 40, when we took some of our teenage students to Newquay, Cornwall, in south west England. One of the best things I’ve ever done, so exhilarating and magical! Great pictures!

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    1. I have never surfed, but I have used a boogie board to ride waves in, and can only imagine the thrill of standing tall and riding a wave. It was so much fun to watch…so glad we went “down the shore” yesterday. (“Down the shore” is what we say here in the Southern New Jersey and Philly area when we take a daytrip to the beach.) Thanks for the comment.


    1. It was lovely Susie, thank you. The day was beautiful at the beach yesterday. We hadn’t been anywhere for quite awhile and were able to ride bikes on the boardwalk and have some of our very favorite pizza. I hope you are having a perfect weekend.

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        1. It is in the 50’s and that doesn’t feel that cold to me…if the wind isn’t blowing. I don’t mind cold unless there is wind. We had the pizza on Saturday. It was so delicious. In fact, so good I took a photograph of it, and might use it as a post this week as a place to go if anyone ever visits the Jersey shore. It is absolutely the best pizza in the world. At least I think so! 😀

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