Place – Ocean City, January 2021

January 2, 2021 was a good day to visit the Ocean City Boardwalk. Because an early January weekend visit has become a tradition for us we weren’t surprised by the crowds.

Masks are mandated for indoors in our state, but outdoors some wear them, and others do not. This is the line of people waiting in the cold temperatures for…

..what we think is the best pizza ever! Just like their sign says, Manco and Manco pizza is the ‘Best of the Best.’


Photo Challenge – Still Looking Up

Day trips, and even jaunts around local towns, find me looking up for vanes. This week I found a beautiful weather vane in the seaside town of Ocean City, NJ. After searching for weather vanes for ten months, I’m fairly certain there are more to be found in beach areas than in any other area.

I think this ‘fishy’ weather vane depicts a tuna. It is the largest in size I have found thus far.

Thanks to these bloggers for taking part in last week’s challenge:
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The Photo Challenge: Each Wednesday, I post a photograph of a Weather Vane with a short description of where it can be found and any history connected to it. The main focus of the challenge is the photo of the Weather Vane and the location. The challenge can be Wordless if that is what you choose. If you would like others to see your post leave a link to your blog in the comment box. You can also tag the post #weathervaneweds. If you place a link to my post in your post you will create a pingback that will appear in the comment section. The challenge is open all week for comments and posts. Thanks so much for taking part in my challenge.

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Place – Spring Walk/Ocean City, New Jersey

Ocean City Boardwalk North

Spring’s warm weather brings hundreds of Shoobies to Ocean City to walk the boards. Shoobie is a slang term for daytrippers who visit the Jersey shore for a day or weekend. I’m not ashamed to admit the moniker ‘Shoobie’ can often be applied to me.

It’s sometimes difficult to decide which way to turn on the boardwalk, but our starting point is usually Ninth Street. Why? Ninth street is where our favorite pizza place, Manco and Manco, is located.

Ocean City Boardwalk South

If you don’t want to walk you can pull up a seat on a surrey.

It might seem odd to find a library on the beach, but I think it’s a great idea. I’ve seen these small book exchange boxes in local towns, but this is the first beach library I’ve seen.

We stopped at the neighboring town of Strathmere on the way home. Walking the beach we took notice of an area on the edge of the dunes. Cordoned off with wire, signs warned against entering the area due to endangered birds nesting in the area. I love shore birds and was glad to see their nesting area was protected. I hope they will nest and rear their young before even more Shoobies arrive in the summer.

This post is part of Jo’s Monday Walk.

Photo & Place – Weather Vane Wednesday/Ocean City, NJ, 12th and the Boardwalk

Monday evening, we drove to Ocean City, a good hour’s drive, just to have boardwalk pizza for dinner. Eating pizza at Manco and Manco, once known as Mac and Manco, is a tradition for many people in our area. The pizza was delicious and sitting on a counter stool with the ocean in view while we ate was sublime. Oh, and did I say, Manco and Manco makes the best pizza in the world? I also was lucky and found several weather vanes in the area. Here is one with a resting gull beside it. Happy Wednesday to you!


I miss the WordPress Photo Challenge and thought an interesting alternative would be to offer one of my own on Wednesdays. Weather Vane Wednesdays is just what the title implies, a photo of a weather vane.

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Perspective – Let Me Be Resilient

WordPress Photo Challenge – Resilient

“I am able to do all things through Him who strengthens me.” ~ Philippians 4:13

We often visit our favorite seashore towns the week after Christmas. Winter and summer ocean-scapes couldn’t be more different. You can almost feel the cold and hear the wind blowing when you study this photograph of the beach at Strathmere, New Jersey. In this view we are looking across the water to Corson’s Inlet and Ocean City. It takes a hearty and resilient attitude to walk along the ocean water on a cold, windy December day. It takes even more gumption to attempt kitesurfing in cold weather. I doubt I will ever kitesurf, but I’ve walked on a wintry beach many a time. Here’s to maintaining a resilient attitude toward every worthwhile goal, dream and task in 2017.

Place – Under the Boardwalk/Transition


I ran into another example of transition on my weekend getaway to Ocean City. The boardwalk is under construction, transitioning to a brand new set of boards for several blocks in front of Gillian’s Wonderland Pier. It was eye-opening to see the thick concrete grid that supports the steps of hundreds of walkers and the wheels of bicycles and surreys.


Photographs – Riding the Waves


Today was the perfect day to put our bicycles in the back of the truck and head for Ocean City, NJ. Quite a few people took advantage of the warm temperatures, and although the sky was overcast, the boardwalk had a good crowd walking its length. In the distance you can see Atlantic City in a haze of foggy mist.


The surf was rough today…according to the Ocean City Surf Report the waves were 7 to 7.5 feet, and the water temperature was between 52-55 degrees. Dozens of wetsuit-clad surfers were gathered in the water waiting for the perfect wave.


I’ve never seen the waves so large in Ocean City.


It’s mesmerizing to watch the surfers “TRANSITION” from calmly waiting to flying across the face of the wave.

water spin

At times the transition means wiping out.


No big deal, the surfer paddles back out and begins again.


Photograph – Ninth Street Bridge, Ocean City & The Enchanted Woods

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “On the Way.”
“In-between moments can be just as memorable as grand finales. This week, share a photo you took on the way to something else.”

“The mind of man plans his way, But the LORD directs his steps.”
~ Proverbs 16:9

We celebrated a wedding this weekend, a lovely young lady we’ve known since she was born was wedded to an outstanding young man. We so enjoyed the day. The location they chose to make their vows to one another is one of our favorite destinations. My husband and I both love Ocean City, New Jersey . When our boys were young we vacationed there every summer. There are countless happy memories connected to this lovely beach town.


During the years we vacationed in OC, the way into the town was either the Ninth Street, or Thirty-Fourth Street Bridge. Both were narrow and rickety, but did their job and brought carloads of people onto the island. Today, a new modern bridge has replaced the Ninth Street bridge. The photo above is my first “In Between Moments” photograph, taken through the front windshield of our car as we drove on the new Ninth Street Bridge.


The next photo, is also taken through the front windshield of our moving car, this time on a road that cuts through part of the New Jersey Pine Barrens. At this point we are almost halfway home from our day “down the shore.” We call this stretch of woods “The Enchanted Forest/Woods.” We often stop to photograph the russet and green tones of forest floor, trees and mosses. The ground is low, and dead limbs and stumps become natural works of art as they age. Everything in the forest is dangerously dry now; we are in a bit of a drought here on the east coast, but rain is on the way. Soon everything will become soft and green once more.





Thanks for riding along with me and taking a look at my “in-between” places as I traveled to my destinations this weekend.

Photographs – The Start of Summer


“To every thing there is a season,
and a time to every purpose under the heaven.”
Ecclesiastes 3:1


The Lifeguard stand at Lake Nummy, Belleplain State Forest.


Ocean City Boardwalk crowded with bikers, surreys, runners and people. The boardwalk has separate lanes marked out for all of the aforementioned categories.



Unfortunately, our favorite beach town, Strathmere, New Jersey, suffered terrible beach erosion this winter.


One of the best aspects of summer: camping, bicycling and barbecuing

Place – Ocean City & Strathmere N.J./Post Hurricane Sandy


December 1st dawned with the weather unseasonably warm, a perfect day to visit Ocean City, New Jersey. The day was sunny with fluffy white clouds in the sky, quite the departure from the grey skies of Hurricane Sandy. As you can see in the picture above, there are still a few storefronts boarded up. We didn’t see any damage in Ocean City. The beaches seem to be intact, and the boardwalk undamaged.


We stopped at our favorite pizza place, we think it is the best pizza in the world. Manco and Manco, in the past better known as Mac and Manco, can’t be beat for delicious boardwalk style pizza.



It was fun to see Santa Claus arrive and climb into his boat, ready to listen to Christmas wishes from the children.



We both left feeling good about one of our favorite places in the world. Our next stop was Strathmere…our favorite beach to visit. The town lies next door to Ocean City, but is more rustic, no boardwalk and very small. The perfect place  for a quiet family outing in the summertime. We were thrilled to see although the beach had a bit of erosion on the point, for the most part the town fared well too.