Quick Tip – Candy Cane Cure

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Candy Canes, made with natural peppermint oil, are not just decorative and fun to eat; candy canes can battle stomach ailments during the holiday season.

“Peppermint is effective at settling an upset stomach, and it tastes strong and refreshing. If that rich holiday dinner leaves you feeling a little queasy, just snag a candy cane off the tree and you have dessert and a convenient stomach remedy all in one. It also makes a handy breath freshener. If you don’t have a candy cane around, a peppermint lozenge will work just as well.” ~ How Stuff Works

Read more on the history and benefits of candy canes: How Stuff Works – Candy Canes

17 thoughts on “Quick Tip – Candy Cane Cure

  1. I really appreciate reading this right
    Now because we need to get a few boxes and the other day I saw all the brachs flavored ones like cherry – blueberry – and well I was thinking classic mint and now this confirms it!!! Thx

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    1. I’m tempted by the colors too…I always buy any that I find on sale after Christmas too. The little ones break easily break into small pieces, and I sometimes store them for carrying around with me in an Altoid tin. They get sticky, but no matter…I eat them anyway. Sticky fingers usually mean happiness…don’t they?

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      1. Ha – yeah – that is cute saying – and I try not to have the sugar – even in little. It’s like that cos of some herbal cleansing I have done – and little doses of sugar are very subtle but can make a difference (not so fun I guess) but I do like the soft peppermint for making peppermint bark – do u ever make it? Makes the best neighbor gifts

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  2. Oh Kathy, this is a post after my own taste. I love peppermint sweets- though I am not very fond of candy canes for the simple reason that they are gone in a few crunches but peppermint candy- that is another story. I can eat these continuously for days on the end.
    In fact I am addicted to peppermint. I bought a box of candy canes yesterday- little ones, much littler than the ones you have – because one of my daughter’s friends had never eaten candy canes before and my daughter wants to gift her some for Christmas. They are rather expensive here though and again, peppermint and chocolate- this is another heavenly combination.
    You made me smile with this post, Kathy and thank you for the link.

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  3. Hi – it is me again – I wanted to come back to show you the mints we got at Aldis – and after just reading your kefir post I realize that you go there – how cool.
    anyhow, their mints are natural and chemical free – even though I still cannot have them because the constant input of sugar is a minus for the body – not always bad per se- but does require nutrients to be metabolized

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      1. Well asparagine is poison – I think in our culture when someone says they do not suggest sugar we instantly think sugar substitute – but that is not what I meant – I have learned that the human body does. Not need sugar nor a substitute -maybe some natural stuff In fruits – (and so far stevia seems ok for those who like it)

        but many people do not realize they make their immune system work harder when they have little doses of sugar all the time – esp those with the hidden candidiasis – whiff is fed by sugar – also – cancer is fungal related – and docs use glucose and dye to locate cancer cells during scans – cos the cancer runs to the sugar-
        but it all comes down to having a healthy bioterrain –
        and I know you are natural and wise in health foods – so I am sorry if this seems rude – but sugar is not a cure all but I believe sugar suppresses the immune system – more so in some – and at the least it pulls nutrients to process –

        But in our culture we eat sugar morning noon and night – without even realizing it – because even crackers and breads convert and get progressed as sugars – that is why I think paleo style meals are good – and rich and healthy fats satisfy and reduce sugar needs – dense foods that give life –

        Anyhow – hope I did not come across rude in any way – but I once knew a lady who always had to have a sugar lozenge or mint – and she later had kidney issues – and I now believe her issues were what I mentioned above –
        And I would not normally bring it up – and sorry if it was rude in any way –
        Peace to u sweet timeless lady – who has such awesome helpful posts – take care and God bless 💛💛💛💛

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          1. Well I once bought these dollar plants on sale – long story – but I was late to start any plants (even though I still recall your little jugs idea) anyhow – turned out to be a blessing to be late because I went to get some plants and found this fun assortment – and tried this and that! Well my dollar plant has come back for at least three years – I do not really harvest it – but once In a while pick a few leaves – it is super sweet –
            Oh and typo above (hate these autocorrects) it was “aspartame is poison”

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