Place – Cape May Zoo – The Park – Part III

cape may zoo grounds 6

As you pass through the entrance of the Cape May Zoo you enter a free, beautifully maintained, eighty-acre park facility. The Cape May Zoo asks only for a donation as an entrance fee.

cape may zoo grounds 4

Some areas of the park  resemble a savannah plain in Africa, other exhibits are maintained on New Jersey Wetlands. The green mosses of my state are one of my favorite sights.

cape may zoo grounds 5

The Leucistic White-tailed Deer are an interesting exhibit. The deer are not considered albino due to some pigment in eyes, ears, noses and sometimes spots on their bodies.

cape may zoo grounds 2

One of our favorite moments was the interaction between one of the deer and a groundskeeper.

cape may zoo grounds 3

Another moment of fun was discovering these winsome baby squirrels in the rafters of a pavilion. We were surprised to see a nest with babies in December.

cape may zoo grounds 8

The mother squirrel was uneasy with our attention to her babies and darted to and fro like an acrobat  to draw us away from the nest site.

cape may zoo grounds 9

The reptile house is terrific. I loved this green snake hanging on a branch,  posing like an illustration in  a favorite children’s storybook titled “Verdi” by Janell Cannon.

cape may zoo grounds 7

I guarantee, if you enjoy animals in a natural, beautiful setting, you will leave Cape May Zoo with a smile on your face.

cape may zoo grounds 1

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