Photograph – Mullica Hill Alphabet

“This week, let the alphabet be your inspiration: find a string of letters. Try a multi-photo gallery to collect images of single characters. Find some beautiful typography, or look for letters hidden in natural forms. I’m excited to see your ABCs!” Alphabet

mullica hill alphabet (2)

What fun it was to gather photographs for this week’s WordPress Photo Challenge. It prompted us (see our reflection in the collage) to take a long overdue stroll through Mullica Hill, New Jersey, a town known for its antique shops. All the alphabets in the above “sampler” were on Main Street. We had a bit of trouble with the Z, but found it in the graveyard of the Quaker Cemetery.

mullica hill collage (2)

mullica hill 21

11 thoughts on “Photograph – Mullica Hill Alphabet

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  2. Kathy,
    Yours is a wonderful take on this challenge- you managed to get all the letters- this is great.
    Thank you for your explanation on the Bible text yesterday. I am reading the Bible in depth these days and need to know more- that’s why I ask. I feel you are a “kindred spirit” to whom I can ask.
    How is the weather there now ? Is it snowing yet ?


    1. Hi Susie, It snowed a little yesterday. I love to read the Bible every day too. There is so much wisdom there. I still make many mistakes, but I always have a sense of the love of God around me even in the midst of all the times I might falter or stumble. We had such a good time on Saturday walking through the town and looking for the alphabet.

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