Phun – Mystery Solved/Mullica Hill Soldier

A few weeks ago I published a post on Optical Illusions. The illusion in question was whether what appeared to be a nail in a soldier’s mouth was actually there, or an object far behind him, so perfectly aligned it appeared to be in his mouth.

soldier no cigar

I thought I had solved the mystery by the lack of the nail cigar/cigarette in the cast shadow and proclaimed in my post there was no nail. This morning my husband and I were once again driving through Mullica Hill, and luckily I had my camera. I asked him to stop so I could discover exactly what had lined up so perfectly in the photograph. I was surprised to find, that although I thought the shadow proved there was no nail, hmmm…sure looked like a nail to me.

Mystery Solved 1

Mystery solved, it was a nail after all. New mystery, why didn’t the nail cast a shadow. Any ideas???

Photo Challenges – Optical Illusions/Black and White

soldier black and white

Another winter day means time for one more  Wordpress Challenge. Today I’m taking part in Cee’s Black & White Challenge-Angles and Lines. I’m using a close-up of a wooden soldier that was in my collage of the Mullica Hill Alphabet posted on January 18th. I find many angles in these photographs.

soldier cigar

When I took this photo I didn’t notice the cigar the soldier held  in his mouth. I studied the picture, trying to figure out exactly what made up the cigar. Hmmmm???? The question became: Was it really a cigar or something behind the soldier. What do you think?

soldier black and white 2

Aha! Upon a closer look, the shadow told the tale.

soldier no cigar

Just an optical illusion after all. I’m still bamboozled by what is creating the illusion. I’ll have to visit the town again and take another look…soon!

Photograph – Mullica Hill Alphabet

“This week, let the alphabet be your inspiration: find a string of letters. Try a multi-photo gallery to collect images of single characters. Find some beautiful typography, or look for letters hidden in natural forms. I’m excited to see your ABCs!” Alphabet

mullica hill alphabet (2)

What fun it was to gather photographs for this week’s WordPress Photo Challenge. It prompted us (see our reflection in the collage) to take a long overdue stroll through Mullica Hill, New Jersey, a town known for its antique shops. All the alphabets in the above “sampler” were on Main Street. We had a bit of trouble with the Z, but found it in the graveyard of the Quaker Cemetery.

mullica hill collage (2)

mullica hill 21