Phlower – Zinnia with “Canary” Petals


I am fairly certain this is the second time around in a blog post for this beautiful zinnia. I am gazing at it as I write these words, hoping, hoping, hoping I saved some of the seeds it produced.  As I perused my flower photos this morning, searching for a zinnia that was an all-over “Canary” color for today’s Color Your World – 120 Days of Crayola challenge, I found this beauty instead.  I noticed the central petals on the underside were a perfect canary yellow, and even better, resembled wings as they faced the sky. My choice was easy.

I grow zinnias in garden beds every year. They are a perfect cut flower to bring indoors for bouquets. Zinnias are a favorite of butterflies and hummingbirds. The large seeds make them one of the easiest flowers to grow. Zinnias are a  perfect “first flower garden” choice for the smallest of children.

I start zinnias a few weeks early in plastic dixie cups and grow them indoors. I also direct sow them in the garden. Surprisingly, the direct sown zinnias always catch up to the ones grown in the house. The one advantage to starting them indoors is the larger plants are less likely to be nipped off by bunnies and other hungry critters.

Now is the time to start looking for zinnias on seed racks in your local shops and garden stores. They can be purchased for under $1.00 in dollar stores and large retailers.






10 thoughts on “Phlower – Zinnia with “Canary” Petals

  1. Kathy,
    I have zinnias on my terrace garden too- surprised to see zinnia in your winter garden still. These plants are sturdy. If there is hint of dew or frost here, the zinnia here look miserable.
    Your zinnia’s canary color is beautiful- reminds me of Tweety.

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    1. This is an photograph from summer…in fact, I am almost positive it is the second time I used it, but hey…it’s pretty enough to be the star of two blog posts. I hope you have a wonderful day Susie, oh and Tweety…always a favorite of mine…(I thought I saw a pussy-cat!)

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        1. Isn’t that what Tweety-Bird said…or am I getting it mixed up with another cartoon, it’s probably been decades since I’ve seen him…was the cat’s name Sylvester. Oh for the days when what brought me joy was a silly cartoon. Our big kitty is Rusty, the smaller one is Hans.


  2. Really beautiful!
    When I lived in Georgia, I had a hard time adapting to the change in climate, even in terms of gardening. There were very few flowering plants that would thrive in my west-facing garden at the front of the house.
    The ultimate winners were Mexican petunias and zinnias. All the bright, hot colors of the zinnias looked fantastic with the periwinkle color of the petunias, and both brought bees and birds. Of course, there, my zinnias were bi-annuals, but I often wonder how zinnias would do here in Indiana…I’ve never planted them here. But my, they are cheerful 🙂

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