People – Throwback Thursday/Sisters

My sister and I, October 30th, 1977. I am the bride, just barely twenty years old. She is my Maid of Honor, aged seventeen.

throwback thursday sisters

On February 4th I blogged about packaging seeds for my sister in tea packets . This is the sweet email I received in return:

‘Hi Kathy,

Thank you so much for the seeds. When I first saw them hanging on the back door I thought you were sharing tea with me. I even turned on the tea kettle went to the bag and then saw the writing, ha, ha. Thank you so much, I may start some of them today. Talk soon!

Love, Sue’

My sister is so talented and versatile. She wears many hats: nurse, beekeeper, gardener, skipper of a boat, hockey coach, friend, wife, mother, grandmother, daughter, aunt and SISTER. I am blessed to be her big sister.

18 thoughts on “People – Throwback Thursday/Sisters

  1. What a lovely tribute and message to your younger sister.
    The photograph is beautiful- both of you look so resplendent. How different a bridesmaids dress from what it is today- very simple and elegant and even the head scarf – beautiful in its simplicity and the humility that it represents. What church was the wedding in ?

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      1. OMG ! This is so sad. And the state of so many of our old churches. But at least it is another Christian denomination that is using it and that is something.
        I attended a Sunday service at the Philadelphia Methodist church near the William Penn Statue, near the square last year and there were barely a handful of people worshiping in that beautiful church- I was heartbroken.

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        1. I have never been there. I attend a Methodist Church. The sad things about churches is the same as it is in the world…the message becomes lost in the throng of activities and fund raisers. And as always…people will be people. If I had a problem, unfortunately, there are not too many places I would go to for help…and that includes my church.

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    1. Yes, she coached high school, Rowan University, and also hockey leagues. She was, and is, a terrific player, she played for LaSalle, and her daughter followed in her footsteps and played for Villanova. They are great athletes!

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