Plant – A New Find/Ptilotus exaltatus

IMG_1498 (2)

At first glance I was entranced. The flowers resemble a bottlebrush, and are a lovely pinkish hue tinged with magenta tips. The plant is called Ptilotus exaltatus and is native to Australia. Its nickname is Joey. Since my husband was called Joey as a child, this plant was a must-have for me.

IMG_1499 (2)

Another plus is Ptilotus exaltatus is drought resistant. I planted it in a spot that is very dry and hot. I have high hopes. I debated whether to plant in the ground or keep ‘Joey’ in a pot to bring inside in the Autumn, but when researching found that seeds are available to grow this plant. If I can’t propagate it, I will try to grow from seed next year.

IMG_1500 (2)

The plant is loaded with new buds; I can’t wait to see it fully blooming and ablaze in the sunshine.

4 thoughts on “Plant – A New Find/Ptilotus exaltatus

  1. I love this little delicate pink beauty but as you say, it must be hardy to survive the strong weather of Australia.
    Kathy, how are you all managing with the news of the horrible, killings ?
    God bless you and keep you all safe.

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    1. Susie, right now probably most people feel like me, horrified, and not really knowing what to think, and even less of what can be done to stop the killing. I realize at the same time, we are not alone, and it is going on all over the world. I wish I knew the solution, but unless hearts can be changed, there is not much hope of it stopping.

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