4 thoughts on “Psalm – Psalm 107:29

    1. Hi, thank you…I love the Psalms. Yes, I took this image yesterday at the Sundog Marina in Newport, New Jersey. I thought the gulls looked peaceful and serene in the lull before the storm. (Which has not caused the rain or damage expected…thank God!)

      I tweak the images with the filters in PicMonkey.com. Most of the site is free, but I’ve recently went ahead and signed up for a year to get the Royale features. I also am hoping to learn how to use Lightbox from Adobe. Thanks for stopping by today. 🙂

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      1. oh cool – have fun with all of your editing…. I was on this kick last winter – well not saying yours is a kick – but for me it was….. during my month long February A to Z – whew…. and now I am onto other things. lol but it was where I was … ha!
        and glad not the damage expected – whew
        I looked at the Sandy post of yours (it was listed in related posts area) and like that headlamp.

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