Perspective – Your Own Backyard


We often load our bikes into the back of my husband’s truck and search out new bike trails. Oh my, how behind the times we felt when we discovered there is a bike trail that begins/ends in our own back yard. The Monroe Twp. Bikeway runs between Williamstown and Glassboro, New Jersey, and has been available for walking, biking, in-line skating, etc., for near ten years. Sunday was the first time we rode the trail. What a joyous outing we had. While researching the trail I came upon an extensive list of other biking trails in our Tri-State area. Bike Trails in New Jersey, Delaware and Pennsylvania. I can’t wait to try out a few more.

Moral of this tale: Check out your own town for interesting things to do. You might be as surprised as we were at what you might find.

8 thoughts on “Perspective – Your Own Backyard

  1. We made a similar discovery recently after picking up a brochure from the forest preserves in neighboring counties. So beautiful and we’d never ventured out to visit! We’ve made it a mission now to try and visit as many as possible. Mostly on bicycle. But also for hiking and horseback riding. Enjoyed your post!

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    1. Thank you for stopping by! I couldn’t believe I had been missing out on such a lovely trail. We drive more than an hour at times to ride trails. This one is peaceful and relaxing. Horseback riding must be really enjoyable through forests.

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      1. We do the same! Some trails are an hour away. But it’s a weekend morning treat for us. Doesn’t always fit in to our schedules, but I look forward to it now. I’m also looking forward to some of the upcoming Halloween night walks being planned. 😁🎃.

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  2. I lived near a nice bike trail in New England, but I sold my bike. I did walk the trail once, but I like to walk with someone, and had nobody so I never returned. Now that I live back in Florida I have seen that there is a new, very long trail that has been built, and I hope to travel that one as soon as I have a bike to ride and the weather is cooler.


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