Photo Challenge – Stoned


“This week’s challenge is all about reflections.” ~ WordPress Photo Challenge


When I read the title for this week’s photo challenge this strange photograph I took on Block Island, RI came to mind. Block Island beaches are a beautiful mix of sand and gorgeous rocks. During one vacation my husband and I were on a hunt for heart-shaped rocks. Little did I know, as I gazed at this beautiful green rock and photographed it, that the wet surface would reveal my image when I downloaded the photo. If I tried to mimic this again, I doubt I would have the same result as I did in this lucky shot.




5 thoughts on “Photo Challenge – Stoned

  1. Oh how cool!
    At first – when I only saw the photo – I thought maybe that was a sign etched into the stone – but then the title “stoned”‘distracted me –
    But how fun to see the close up – and love the artsy shape

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