10 thoughts on “Photograph – Welcome Autumn

    1. I love acorns Susie, they fall off our oak trees. I love them best when they are that vibrant green, but that color will fade and turn an Autumn brown, which in its way is pretty too. They are fun to play around with since the little caps on top come off. I have a project in mind to make with them. Have a wonderful day. Kathy

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        1. Hi Susie, Some are the size of the tip of your pinky finger…very tiny…and some are very large…The size of the tip of a man’s thumb. They vary as to which oak they grow on and the summertime growing conditions. I’ve noticed this year there don’t seem to be as many as in past years. I will have to remember the squirrels this winter. They can be a nuisance, but I don’t like to see them starve either.

          Another fun fact about squirrels and acorns is they bury them and dig them up through the winter to eat. How they remember where they are is a mystery…but they always forget a few and its fun to see the oak trees sprouting all over the yard and gardens and even in garden pots.

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          1. Oh wow ! Enid Blyton used to describe the squirrels’ searches for hidden acorns in a beautiful story way. Thanks for so much of information and the time, Kathy.
            Travelling to Boston this week.


                1. Oh Susie, it is so varied, there are New England accents, Boston accents, New York accents, North Jersey accents, South Jersey/Philly accents, light southern accents in Maryland, southern accents in Virginia, deep southern accents further south. It is so interesting…my Mom was born in the Pittsburg, Pa area and they have an accent too….I can often tell where someone is from by their accent. Kathy

                  PS When you are in Boston look for acorns. I am sure they have them there too.

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                    1. Yes, oak trees are everywhere…unless the city is full of very hungry squirrels you should be able to find some…they will be under your feet. Watch for squirrels…they need the acorns to survive…if you see a squirrel…there should be an oak tree nearby. Good luck and happy acorn hunting Susie! 🙂

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