Problem-Solving – Slogging Through


It happened yesterday as I uploaded photographs for Cee’s Photo Challenge, the photos I was attempting to post became red-rimmed, and a dialog box informed me:

Looks like you have used 3.0 GB of your 3.0 GB upload limit. ~ WordPress Media Library

I knew I was close to reaching the limit, but now it is thrust upon me, and today I need to find some solutions and continue deleting posts and photos from past years. In the meantime, I thought as I search through the blog archives I would repost a couple of Autumn ideas that might be buried there.

Wish me luck as I slog through years of posts. I like the word slog, it almost has the ring of onomatopoeia to it. When I say or think of slog I imagine myself in a stinky swamp, shoes sticking in the muck, every step forward accentuated with a schlurping pop as I pull my feet out of soft, wet earth. “Onward!” I say, I won’t be stopped by a little blog housecleaning. To all my blogging friends…have the happiest of days.

6 thoughts on “Problem-Solving – Slogging Through

    1. It’s not fun, but I like the convenience of having the media library for the photographs rather than using another storage option. I’m working my way through…I delete a bit and add a bit and so on. Thanks for the comment!

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        1. I could use another photo storage such as the Cloud or Flickr, but it is so convenient to be able to work right from the WordPress Dashboard when I post. I pay to keep ads off my page, so I’m not sure if I’m willing to bump up that price to include more storage.

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