Photographs – Cee’s Challenge/Light Green


I enjoy taking part in Cee’s Fun Foto Challenges now and then. Since I have quite a few good examples of light greens in my garden today…the challenge was perfect. Here are a few examples of my Light Greens


Many of my coleus are blooming, hopefully producing seeds for next year’s garden. I love the light green color on many of the leaves.


Hydrangeas are another good example of a plant with a beautiful array of green, the deep green of the leaves is the perfect backdrop for the flowers, aging from pink to light green before they fall.


I’m not sure what type of mint this plant is, but the bees don’t care about the name, they love the nectar and pollen they find in its tiny white flowers. When the bloom is finished the plant forms interesting, light green pods.


These gigantic Nicotiana plants are volunteers. Where they came from is a mystery, but I’m glad they decided to grow in the cracks of my sidewalk and along the edge of my garden. I love the brilliant light green of the leaves.ย They might not haveย time to blossom before first frost, but I have my fingers crossed.


25 thoughts on “Photographs – Cee’s Challenge/Light Green

      1. Yes – amazing is the word – and I felt your joy as you shared how they grew on their own – unexpectedly -a gardener’s delight – I once had two veggie areas – one raised and one flat! Never had flowers there – just potted hydrangea – anyhow – petunias showed up at the end of the raised bed! Bright pink! Just a single plant but it brought smiles every time I went out – the pop of color and the gift of it! I think the wind or a bird maybe carried it!
        Ahhh – I think I even journaled about it ((the little things))

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          1. Oh so this is common for you?! First time for me – and sounds like they arrive for you at an extra appreciated time- ๐Ÿ’•
            My favorite freebie from seeds are zinnia – and I have learned to not mess with the mulch where they grow and they really reseed –
            Oh love flowers ๐ŸŒบ๐Ÿฆ๐ŸŒธ๐ŸŒธ

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            1. I’ve noticed that a lot of volunteers do well in the cracks. I think the warmth the concrete holds, or the brick near the edge of the garden, helps them along. I’m not sure if the nicotiana is going to have time to flower…that is the downside of volunteers, but I sure love those gigantic leaves.

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              1. Yes – those are great – dry them and roll it – totally kidding !!!!
                But I live seeing the tobacco fields in the south at this time – the plants are. Not too tall – but lush and full with a darker green – well at least I think it is tobacco growing – lol

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                1. Sounds like it…I once grew an heirloom tobacco plant, it grew to be very tall with pinkish flowers. It also had very large leaves. Could the plants be from those plants from years ago…probably not. I’m thinking they are more along the line of some Dutchman’s Pipe nicotiana I planted a year or two ago. I didn’t keep records this year, when I don’t, I forget pretty darn quick when I plant what. Next year I’ll do better.

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                  1. Like that name “dutchman’s pipe” ha!
                    And side note – I know two guys who just took up the pipe smoking – they are actually from church and not sure why – (yuck in my opinion). But maybe they took cs lewis’ quote about how he did. Not quit and had to accept he could not – well not judging anyone – but he also “took it up” when we knew less about horrid dangers – but I digress!
                    I think it is cool that you keep a journal (well most years)

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    1. Thank you MickE…coleus are a real favorite of mine too. I’m in the process of letting all the coleus in my yard go to seed at this time so that next year I will have a whole new crop with different crosses between the plants.

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      1. Your lucky, because of our climate the seeds don’t germinate outdoors, take cutting as a rule, however I gave them a miss this year. I will be buying some fresh seed for next year, cant wait!


        1. Most of mine were started indoors. If I depended on sprouting them outdoors I know they would never be large enough to enjoy. I took several cuttings of my favorites for indoor winter plants and they are rooting in water now.

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