Problem-Solving – The Uncollectibles

I posted this for the first time in 2012, but it’s a good reminder now that Autumn is here once again, and I thought it was worth a repost. It’s fun to collect colorful leaves to press or use in projects, but there are still some plants to be aware of as you collect.

Many adults and children collect colorful Autumn leaves for projects and pressing, but beware, poison ivy is still growing,  and it’s leaves are now cloaked in a gorgeous array of crimsons and golds. The urishol oil stays active on the leaves and vines. Picking up even one leaf for pressing can cause a nasty rash. When the poison ivy leaves fall off the vine, they fall solo, not in groups of three. This makes it impossible to follow the wise proverb of, “Leaves of three, let it be.” It is much harder to identify poison ivy when it has fallen off the vine. One thing to look for is an oblong shape, and many of the leaves have a notched appearance. Take a good look at the veining on the leaf in the above picture…that’s a good clue too.

If you see a leaf that might be poison ivy, take a look around to see if you can spot a vine with berries that look like the sample in the photograph above. If you see these berries, don’t pick up or brush against any of these vines or leftover leaves.

15 thoughts on “Problem-Solving – The Uncollectibles

  1. Kathy,
    Lovely to see your new theme- I think, so in keeping with autumn.Please pray for me, Kathy. I need guidance at this time. I am travelling alone tomorrow.
    Take care, will look at your posts a week after.
    God bless !

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    1. I will pray for you Susie. Pray for my husband and I too. We are traveling soon also, unfortunately our destination is Jamaica and there is a tremendous hurricane just about to push through that beautiful land. I will be praying my friend. Kathy

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      1. Oh Kathy, safe travels for the both of you. I am praying that you enjoy yourselves and that you are kept safe by guardian angels through out your trip and until you come back. With all my love and prayers.

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  2. I no longer live in the territory of this toxic weed, but it played havoc with my childhood i the PA woods. I fear it appropriately when in the places it may grow. It’s gonna take an ocean of calamine lotion…


    1. I saw you grew up near/in Pittsburgh. My mother grew up in McDonald as a child. I lived in Clinton when I was around three-four years old. My parents always talk of the time I got lost in the city of Pittsburgh in the big 5&10 there…I remember it vaguely, the 10cent rides were downstairs and I wanted to have a ride. Funny…

      I don’t get it…but others in the family get it so badly they have toes, fingers, web together. Ghastly.


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