Posies – Small Flowers


While beginning the task of preparing my yard for winter, I came upon a sweet violet blooming out of season. I picked the small flower, and gathered some miniature zinnias and white alyssum still growing in the garden. Placed in a small juice glass, the flower heads just below the rim, it’s a sweet bouquet to place on a table or windowsill for a splash of color. I enjoy the way the sun glowing through the facets of the glass throws a shine of sunbeams beneath the flowers.

10 thoughts on “Posies – Small Flowers

    1. Thanks. These small zinnias were grown from seed. I sowed them later than usual so they are still going strong. Last night we had a hard frost, but these zinnias still look okay. It won’t be long though until the temperatures really plummet and then the leaves will all fall and winter will truly be here.

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      1. I hear you! winter will be here in Ohio too, but I have been told that it might get cold but not as much snow here. Chicago IL always has it bad. I hope to love it here better in winter. I am learning about gardening and have heard of zinnias. Maybe I will learn more or be more motivated reading your blog, bless you your blogging buddy Jackie

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