Phascination & Peculiarities – Supermoon


img_3982Over the past few days, I’ve been watching the moon’s position in the sky through late daylight and early evening hours. I’ve enjoyed the nightly broadening of the moon’s surface into a brilliant Supermoon. The trees in my backyard often obscure my early evening view of the moon, so I begin scanning the sky as soon as the sun begins to wane. The photo of the moon was taken Sunday evening, November 13th, near 7:00 Eastern Standard Time.

This is the closest Full Moon since 1948. There won’t be another one this close, or closer, until 2034.

8 thoughts on “Phascination & Peculiarities – Supermoon

  1. We saw it last night after it moved through the clouds. Tonight we went to the water to view it but the clouds were socked in and the mosquitos were fierce. I have enjoyed viewing the great shots people took.


    1. We couldn’t see it tonight either for the same reason…the sky was filled with clouds. I’m so happy I was able to get a good view of it last night. I have also enjoyed seeing the photos. I’m always most fascinated by the silhouettes of people, trees, buildings, etc., in front of it.


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