Perspective – Here’s to Percolation

Percolation (from Latin percōlāre, “to filter” or “trickle through”)


When we camp in a campground without electric hook-ups, we often use a percolator for making coffee. According to Wikipedia, coffee percolators went out of fashion in the 1970’s in favor of automatic drip coffee makers. Percolated coffee is often strong, and drinking a few mouthfuls might put ‘hair on your chest.’

I use the process of percolation in my creative thinking and projects. Often I’ll have a vague idea, nothing concrete will come of it, but it percolates away in my subconscious, gaining strength for the right moment to emerge as a fully formed idea or insight.

I also use percolation in my Bible reading and devotions. There are times I don’t immediately understand how a verse or chapter applies to my life. I am confident though, that as I read, the truth of God’s Word will take root within me.  There have been countless times in my life that the Holy Spirit has brought to the forefront of my thoughts a verse or chapter I have read in the past that will perfectly illuminate a current situation or problem. When you percolate the goodness of God’s Word through your heart, mind  and spirit, you will find many instances when his Good News will bless your life with exactly the guidance, promise and love you need to better live for Him.

6 thoughts on “Perspective – Here’s to Percolation

  1. Kathy
    I love this post and the Bible study. I am so glad you have no fear in declaring your faith and love for the Lord.
    I am not sure what a percolator is and how it works without electricity but I remember reading about them in Perry Mason stories when I was younger. Della Street was always making coffee thus.
    PS I thought you were coming up with a gardening post based on the percolation of water into soil.:)

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    1. Susie, the gardening idea would be a great idea too. I saw this as the daily post challenge word from yesterday, and this seemed to fit for my post today. The coffee percolator makes coffee by boiling and then the water goes up a small tube into a basket filled with the coffee grounds. It is always very STRONG coffee. I usually add water to mine. Because it is a metal filter basket there are often coffee grounds in the coffee too. It is a good stand-in though when you are without electricity. Have a happy day Susie. I enjoy our chatting through the blog. It is one of the happiest aspects of my blogging…the friends I have met. Kathy

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