Phavorites – Throwback Thursday/Aspenglow by John Denver

“Aspenglow was written about Aspen, which is a resort town in Colorado. They have a celebration every year called Winterskol where many skiers come down the mountain holding torches, thus the Aspen glow.” ~

I bought this first as a vinyl album, oh let’s see, probably many decades ago. Smile! I recently saw it in CD form in a Christmas Music Display. I’ve played it several times since then. A gorgeous song filled with beautiful words and sound effects.

15 thoughts on “Phavorites – Throwback Thursday/Aspenglow by John Denver

                1. That is a mouthful isn’t it. I am sure he did the right thing to make it easier to say for the people who bought, and like me, still buy his music. It shows that what is good can live on beyond a person’s lifetime. I enjoyed your post today Susie.

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