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A cottage in Pitman Grove
A cottage in Pitman Grove

I enjoy taking part in many of the WordPress Challenges.

This week, tell us about a place that has helped shape who you are.

Pitman Methodist Campground, also known as Pitman Grove,  is a favorite place for me to walk throughout the year. I walk down and around the twelve paths leading to the center meeting place, the tabernacle, in every season. During the summer, local churches each take a turn conducting Sunday night services in the tabernacle. I usually attend a few each year.

The town of Pitman grew up around the camp. Residents still hold dear the true meaning of Christmas. A few years ago there was quite an uproar in regards to a sign in the center of town. ‘Keep Christ in Christmas,’ was deemed controversial. The townspeople responded by placing miniature replicas of the sign on their lawns…yours truly included.

I still use this sign every year!
I still use this sign every year!

Yesterday I walked along the campground paths, taking a few photographs for what I intended to be a ‘Wordless Wednesday’ post. Hmmm….a lot of words written here for what was intended to be wordless. Smile.


The Hagerty Family, residents who live in one of the original houses, set up a sensational Christmas display of lights every year to celebrate the season. The display attracts people from all over the area. I appreciate the banner they have across their property. Frank Hagerty knows best what spreads holiday cheer.

“It’s about sending his personal message of Christian faith to parents who walk through rows of displays including mangers depicting baby Jesus and the first Christmas.” Frank Hagerty quoted in the South Jersey Times

4 thoughts on “Place – Finding Your Place – Discover Challenge

  1. I remember your post last year on the Pitman’s Grove and its history but I never knew it was very strong in taking up the cudgels for our Lord and his birth, which is as it should be.
    We have commercialized Christmas to such an extent that everyone thinks Christmas is about gifts and food and meeting relatives that are as privileged as us – we forget the ones whom Jesus would have loved to have at our table- the poor, homeless, foodless, divorcees with no income, people in need of a hug, destitute- you name it, the world is full of them, if we would only look.
    Thanks for this very thought provoking post, Kathy.

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