Phun – Throwback Thursday/Everyone Loves a Slinky

I felt immediate happiness when the Slinky song started in this YouTube video. I had a Slinky, each of my sisters had a Slinky at some point in time. Slinky did live up to the commercial hype and could walk down the stairs. The spring was fun to hold and set into the ‘up and down’ motion. The down side, Slinky inevitably became a snarled ball of ‘precompressed helical spring.’ It’s fun to read the history behind the popular toy. The History of Slinky.

8 thoughts on “Phun – Throwback Thursday/Everyone Loves a Slinky

    1. I’m sure they have had one at home in one form or another. I’ve seen a few plastic slinky toys, but I am not sure if they still make the steel variety. That variety had the most wonderful sound when you moved it…very distinctive.

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      1. Oh my-Kathy, I missed something in my childhood but these days most American goods are made in China so maybe this variety of toy which made a musical sound when moved is perhaps not made in the US any more – there may be a plastic, made in China, duplicate available.

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