Phun & Photographs – Color Your World – 120 of Crayola

Today I discovered that Jennifer Nichole Wells is running her Color Your World – 120 Days of Crayola challenge again. I enjoyed taking part in this last year, and hope to create several posts that fit in with many of the Crayola color themes.

The color of the day is Burnt Sienna. This is one of my favorite colors to use when painting in watercolor. Burnt Sienna brings an earthiness to any color it is mixed into.

A good example of burnt sienna in nature is fallen leaves, much like these my backyard squirrels have woven into their winter nest.


Seen from a distance, this nest appears precarious. Perched on the end of a trimmed branch it seems likely to fall.


When I zoom in with my camera though, I see it is a masterful design, the leaves held in place by dozens of small twigs that have sprouted from the cut end. What a great squirrel condo, and also a good example of the many tones of burnt sienna. I would love to take a peek inside at the interior of the nest.


I’m also adding another photo of our friendly neighborhood biscuit-loving dog. He is definitely blessed with a heavy coat of burnt sienna…many tones of brown and orange make up his fur. My blogging friend SusieShy asked me if he was a stray. I was able to say no, with surety, since he is wearing a Christmas kerchief around his neck.

7 thoughts on “Phun & Photographs – Color Your World – 120 of Crayola

  1. Burnt Siena against white snow is beautiful. But see the contrast of the fur of the biscuit thief and the pure snow-virgin and vice( I know that is a poor joke but couldn’t help putting it in).
    Kathy, sometimes i think if I come to the East Coast of the US to pursue my studies, I will come to visit you, if you will have me visit, my friend and then we will be real life friends ( is that too much to dream about ?)

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    1. He does look dignified in his cravat. Yes, I think you have the word just right.
      I still have no idea who he belongs to though…maybe I will see him in his own yard one day soon, or at least when the weather gets nicer.

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