Quote – Continued Resolutions


The dawn of the New Year might be two weeks in the past, but every day, the whole year through, holds the potential for forming a resolution that can do much to improve your life. Yesterday, on the hour’s drive to Longwood Gardens, a church sign caught my eye with its wise quote. I resolved immediately to trust the wisdom it imparted and have faith in God that he knows the solution to every problem. A perfect reminder for me to relinquish the ‘accumulation’ of difficulties, large and small, into his care and keeping.

“There are no worries like little worries, particularly if there is an accumulation of them.” ~ George Matheson




2 thoughts on “Quote – Continued Resolutions

  1. Kathy,
    From some of your posts, I can make out that there is something on your mind, which you cannot share with the blog world. But whatever it is, give thanks for it- try it- ask me- I have tried, I have had so many problems in the past so many days’ and I did it- very difficult but you can do it. I will pray for you. Through that gratitude that you show, it means God thinks you are worthy of being in his care and capable of receiving his love, God will convert your difficulty/ies into opportunities for you and through you, others will be blessed.
    Try it !
    God is indeed the solution.
    Give thanks unto the Lord for it is good.

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