Pheathers – Frosty Sunbathing

Betwixt and between the snowstorm and the beginning of the melt, was an enchanted period of ice-bejeweled landscapes and sunshine. The birds, exhausted after battling the wind and precipitation for food and foothold, seemed to find a few moments rest amid the glimmer, or should I say glamour, of icy diamonds.

In the past robins were one of the harbingers of Spring, but I see them all through the year now. I wonder if this one is scolding himself for not flying to warmer states.

The mourning dove seems to be resigned to waiting out the bad weather.

A gorgeous lady cardinal surveys the bird feeders atop her perch of pine.

Wow! The brilliant sunshine showed off this grackle’s bluish hood. What a handsome gent. I’m going to name him as my answer to Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge of a view from the side. When we picture birds in our mind, it is usually their side view we imagine.

This grackle is beautiful both ways.

28 thoughts on “Pheathers – Frosty Sunbathing

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  2. Kathy,
    You are very talented to be able to take in so much beauty- you see beauty everywhere and also make us see beauty as you see it, through your posts, and pictures.
    What beautiful birds and they seem to be waiting out for the thaw, which they can certainly feel coming.

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  3. Kathy, gorgeous photos. ❤ The grackle's head/neck coloration brought your crayon posts to mind… it is definitely a "Midnight Blue" (with iridescence < don't know if that particular feature exists) to my mind.

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        1. Janie, we would have been good childhood friends. I loved crayons too. The bigger the box the better. I can remember getting sick with measles and my Mom bought me a new coloring book and crayons. I don’t remember feeling badly at all with the sickness…just the coloring in bed. Thanks for jogging that memory.

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      1. That is the one aspect of living in an apartment which I miss. The backyard of my house I used to own was bordered by open forest preserve land. My then husband created a wooden feeding trough he filled with bird seed. Mourning doves and smaller birds would gather around it, especially in winter. However, the most interesting to watch were the pheasants. I noted while the female would eat, the male would stand guard in the background, not eating. They were gorgeous.

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        1. I would love to see pheasants here. Perhaps they are in the woods near us, but I don’t find them. Thanks Janie. I checked in on the hawks and other bird cams yesterday. I saw the Osprey on the Savannah nest. They are really beautiful birds.

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          1. I have a Twitter account (but don’t tweet) and am following the Cornell hawks (keeping that tab open), so when BR begins laying her eggs I will be notified via their tweet. Currently, it shows BR and EZ are doing “nestorations” on one of the two nests they have on Cornell’s light towers on each end of the athletic field – believe they alternate every year. This year we will have the “H” series of chicks.

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