Philm – Young Messiah

In the past few years, I have not been inclined to waste money on going to movie theaters only to be dismayed at what is before me on the screen. Even the most careful selection often misses scenes and themes in films that I just do not care to see. The ‘Young Messiah’ is a movie I wish I had seen on the big screen. I watched it this past weekend and know it will be a movie I try to watch again at least once a year, perhaps more, much like the movie ‘The Nativity Story.’  Although there are some themes that are not Biblically correct, such as the timing of when Jesus began to bring about miracles; the story is a shining example of good film-making. I read a comment under a review that made me laugh and shake my head in agreement, to not see the movie because of possible inaccuracies of when Jesus began to do miracles is a perfect example of Christian nitpicking. The movie is very uplifting and available through DVD and many cable/On Demand channels at this time.

  • This movie contains several violent scenes that might be upsetting to small children.

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