Plants & Projects – Throwback Thursday – Spider Plant Revisited

Two years ago, April of 2015, I shared a project involving a yard sale bird feeder frame and a spider plant. I love to find wiry, strange contraptions at yard sales and turn them into plant containers. This one is still growing strong. The photo above shows the growth the spider babies have made in two years. Spiders are great plants and easy to propagate. I thought this was a good post to revisit for Throwback Thursday since yard sales are beginning again with the warmer weather. The photo below shows the plant when it was just starting out.


11 thoughts on “Plants & Projects – Throwback Thursday – Spider Plant Revisited

    1. Oh Anne, you make me laugh out loud…did I tell you I killed a spider on my ceiling…couldn’t find it, hours later I’m watching television, ready for bed, and ran my fingers through my hair…yes, there the dead little bug lay…for at least half the day.


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