Photographs – Swampy Security

We took a bike ride this morning on the local trail. The ride takes us past a swampy area. Today we noticed a pair of ducks in the water. They are probably a nesting pair. What a perfectly secure spot to raise a family of ducklings. The soft ground keeps large predators away, making it easier for the ducks to raise their family to adulthood.

5 thoughts on “Photographs – Swampy Security

  1. Was suddenly reminded of the refugees who run from country to country hoping to get security for themselves and their families.
    Also reminded of all humans who seek refuge in all weird places instead of where they actually should.
    Great post, as usual, Kathy.

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    1. Thank you Susie. I think one way about the refugee crisis, and then I see an image of a man crying over his children in his arms who were killed in the chemical attack, and I see why people in such dire straits will do anything to escape such a place. Heartbreaking. I started the day in tears over it. The whole world should be crying over what is going on in some countries. A blessed Palm Sunday to you and your family my friend. Kathy

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