Plant – Chives

It’s a day of heavy rain here in the Northeast. Before the drops came down too hard I snuck outside with my camera and quickly took a photograph of my prettiest blooming garden plant: a beautiful bunch of lavender pompom blooms topping my chives. I enjoy using fresh herbs in my daily cooking, and chives add a bit of pizazz to many dishes. This week I used a few of them in homemade cream of potato soup. It was delicious, and the chives added some pretty color to the rather bland appearance of the soup.

Chives are easy to grow. Even the potted herbs you find in grocery stores will grow all season if you plant them early enough. My bunch of chives returns without fail every year, bigger and better and with more blossoms.

I’ve read you can pick and dry these blossoms. I think I will give it a try. Updates will follow. 🙂 Chives fit perfectly into my gardening lifestyle.

22 thoughts on “Plant – Chives

  1. gregoryjosephs

    I feel like I always forget about chives, which is unfortunate because when I DO remember them I remember how much I adore them. I suppose I’m too concerned with my oregano and thyme and rosemary. . . weird.

    In any case, lovely little post, and your chives are beautiful. I’m making a note right now to pick some up this weekend!

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  2. The first summer we were in NC, I bought one little pot of chives and put it in the garden. Amazingly, it returns every year. However, it is not getting bigger, so I suspect the soil isn’t good. One of these years, I hope to do something to help it. It’s easy to tell I’m not a real gardener.

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  3. I have a hard time growing them in North Carolina. I gave up on them after a couple of tries, then the next year they came up and began growing. They aren’t thriving, but they are alive.


  4. Kathy
    We don’t use chives at all in our cooking but your blossoms are so beautiful , something like the touch me not blossoms we have back home.
    Are chives like onions – of the same family ?

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