Plants – Herbal Teas

I’ve lost count of how many years I’ve grown the herb lemon balm. I use it mainly for tea. The butterflies and bees love it for the delicious nectar in its tiny white flowers. I have near two dozen plants growing in several gardens surrounding my home. Why do I grow so many? Well they self-seed, make excellent tea, are linked to longevity, will grow where other plants would succumb to bad conditions, new sprouts are easily transplanted to a new location, and most important, I find the plants pretty.

The batch above is growing strong around my Square Foot Garden boundaries. In some areas it has inter-mingled with spearmint that has also run rampant and multiplied from one plant.

These two herbs, steeped in just-boiled water make a lovely, invigorating, yet calming tea. If you find these plants in a garden nursery and have room to grow them, give them a try.

19 thoughts on “Plants – Herbal Teas

    1. I’ve done both ways. When dried, the color darkens up a bit, so I prefer the fresh when they are available. Another good choice for storing leaves for winter use is to freeze the herbs in water in ice cube trays. If you have the freezer room, a big ziplock bag or two full of lemon balm/spearmint cubes, makes a tea that tastes and looks like you just picked it from the garden. I let them thaw first before I use them, but in a pinch, I have been known to throw the ice cube right in the boiling water.


    1. I’ve been drinking a lot of lemon balm tea. Life is full of stress and lemon balm is calming and also boosts immunity. I also love spearmint and often combine them. My garden is full of good tea choices…I’ve yet to try catmint…I’m afraid my cats would go crazy and think I was one of their cat-toys.

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      1. I’m a huge mint fan as well! I once visited the Celestial Seasonings tea factory, and they literally kept all of their mint leaves separate from the other herbs because the smell was so potent it would taint everything else. I found that pretty funny 🙂

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              1. That’s a good direction 🙂 I love Florida. One of the positives to living in KS is definitely being in the middle of the US, so I’m equally far from the coasts/sightseeing, which makes it reasonable to go in every direction haha .

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                  1. I can’t imagine. I don’t have any experience outside of the US yet, but I’ve heard wonderful things about Jamaica. I’ve been told it’s very relaxed and just a completely different flow of life than that of the US.


                    1. I enjoy the people and the brilliant colors most of the houses are painted. The water is gorgeous…the atmosphere, fun and relaxed. There is a lot of poverty in the country outside of the resort areas, but to be a tourist in Jamaica means more people have jobs and to buy handmade wares means someone will have a meal, so we always buy from the local people wherever we go.

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