Place – Fortescue/Free and Easy

Free and Easy, to me, means fishing. It was finally warm enough in our area to fish on the Delaware Bay in Fortescue. We were welcomed by a committee of one as we crossed the salt marshes, an osprey on the town sign.

In all directions, the sky was a glorious blue.

The jetty, popular with fisherman, was never so exposed. The tide was at its lowest when we arrived. Only one fisherman pulled in any fish, and they were too small to keep.

The low tide exposed hundreds of my favorite treasures: sea glass, oyster shells, and driftwood. We had a lovely day. We love to observe the change of seasons along the Delaware Bay.

12 thoughts on “Place – Fortescue/Free and Easy

  1. Kathy, When I sit down to read your thoughts, I feel like I am in a land of long ago and far away. Sort of like a lady in a beautiful summer frock that flies and tugs at the seams in the wind…..while she gently holds onto her beach hat. Of course this is her only leisure. Just leaving her plants and paintings for another day. Love. You.

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