Photo Challenge – Weather Vane Wednesday/Come Sail With Me

We went fishing last weekend in Fortescue, New Jersey. I found this sailboat weathervane near one of the beaches.
Right around the corner I found another sailboat weather vane, a little worse for wear, the front sail had blown away in the winds off of the bay.
I had several good surprises on our fishing adventure. My husband had called ahead to Higbee’s Bait and Tackle and asked them to hold onto a surf fishing rod I had once admired there. The rod is an early birthday present.
It’s almost twice my size and WONDERFUL! I caught three fish with it. They were small, but one day I hope to post a BIG fish story here. I will share the second surprise later in the week…I’ll give you a hint, it has wings! Thanks to those who took part in last week’s #Weathervaneweds Challenge: ‘This Made Me Smile Today’ for the Buffalo Weather Vane. Also to ‘The 59 Club’ for Flight Training I also have The 59 Club’s permission to include their Weather Vane Video here:
Thanks so much to everyone who takes part in the Weather Vane Wednesday Challenge.

Photographs & Phlowers – Poppies and a Weather Vane on the 4th of July


Beautiful fringed poppies are growing in my garden. I don’t know what’s prettier, the flower or the pods they develop after blooming.

Today’s 4th of July Weather Vane Wednesday.

I miss the WordPress Photo Challenge and thought an interesting alternative would be to offer one of my own on Wednesdays. Weather Vane Wednesdays is just what the title implies, a photo of a weather vane.

Create a weather vane post, the name doesn’t have to be in the title. If you would like others to see your post leave a link to your blog in the comment box. You can also tag the post #weathervaneweds. If you place a link to my post in your post you will create a pingback that will appear in the comment section. Thanks so much for taking part in my challenge

Place – Fortescue/Free and Easy

Free and Easy, to me, means fishing. It was finally warm enough in our area to fish on the Delaware Bay in Fortescue. We were welcomed by a committee of one as we crossed the salt marshes, an osprey on the town sign.

In all directions, the sky was a glorious blue.

The jetty, popular with fisherman, was never so exposed. The tide was at its lowest when we arrived. Only one fisherman pulled in any fish, and they were too small to keep.

The low tide exposed hundreds of my favorite treasures: sea glass, oyster shells, and driftwood. We had a lovely day. We love to observe the change of seasons along the Delaware Bay.

Perspective – Follow your Dreams in Stone

“Your personal sculptor is carving a person, thing or event from the last year of your life. What’s the statue of and what makes it so significant?” Daily Post @ WordPress “Immortalized in Stone.”

In stone

For years my husband and I have watched the fishermen along the Delaware Bay at Fortescue, often remarking to each other, “We should try fishing.”

This year we finally bought fishing rods. What a great time we have had standing on the sand, beneath the sky, with the sound of gentle waves as our music. I wish we had begun fishing years earlier.

My husband, with fishing rod in hand, would be my choice for the person I would immortalize in stone. My best advice: follow every one of your dreams…large, small and in between. You never know where they might take you.

Photograph – Strength and Rugged Beauty

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Connected.”“This week, show us how two (or more) things — people, objects, places — come together.”

Fishermen in Fortescue, so connected to the bulkhead, they almost seem to be part of the seawall at first glance.

Fortescue Fisherman Two

Phascination – A Silent Witness


On the way to Fortescue, NJ, a fishing town on the Delaware Bay, we pass this quiet scene. If you take another look at the same photograph below, enlarged and cropped for emphasis, you can see the sign that always attracts my attention and impresses me with it’s simplicity and quiet witness. I’m happy I was able to capture it with my camera as we drove past.