Peculiarities – Twists and Turtles

Today while I was searching for flowers and foliage to press I came upon a twisted swirl of yellow. A twist so unique and perfect for this week’s WordPress Photo Challenge I raced back home to get my camera hoping my subject would be true to its nature and not move away too quickly.

He was still in place when I came back with my camera in hand. Although he glared an unfriendly warning at me with his orange eye, I took several good photos.

Even more peculiar was the sight of one of his woodsy pals crossing the road (To get to the other side I wonder???) when I returned home. I took a photo of him too before I helped him across, out of the way of oncoming cars.

I see Eastern box turtles at least once a season, but it is rare to see more than one on the same day. When I came home I found a four leaf clover in the yard. Some luck! All in all I think this post is perfect for Cee’s Oddball Challenge.

11 thoughts on “Peculiarities – Twists and Turtles

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    1. Timelesslady

      Thanks Susie, I was thrilled to see him. So strange to see two in one day though…they are usually under the cover of brush or fallen trees in the woods.

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    1. Timelesslady

      So many beautiful photographs. My favorites are the eyes, I think they must be yours, the photograph of the field, beautiful composition, and of course, the adorable little boy. The group shots are also good. Keep posting!


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