Quirky – Weather Vane Wednesday – Fortescue, NJ

I photographed quite a few weather vanes this past weekend in the Delaware Bay town of Fortescue, NJ. Here’s one that seemed ‘beachy’ to me. I think it is a heron design.

Please feel free to add links and pingbacks in the comment section of weather vanes you find and photograph.

6 thoughts on “Quirky – Weather Vane Wednesday – Fortescue, NJ

  1. This past week I thought about weather vanes as we set out on a day trip. The others in the car were roped into looking for vanes with me. How many did we spot? Zero! I’m beginning to wonder if they were never used here in the mountains, or if something sucked them into outer space.

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    1. Timelesslady

      That does seem strange. Maybe it is more a Northeast or coastal tradition. I suppose in the days without media coverage a weather vane might let you know a storm was coming.


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