Quirky – Tip on Thursday/Do You See It?

Do you see it?
Look closer…try to find the leaves of four.
A change in pattern is a trick to use in finding four-leaf clovers.
Or you can use the new trick I’ve just discovered.
Look for luck right after the rain passes over.
The four-leaf clover has leaves that are closer together and holds a droplet of water in its center while its three-leafed siblings do not. You might get wet feet and knees, but you also might find some luck.

Quirky, Quick Tip – The Dragonfly Pick


On a recent hot day I found a dragonfly, lifeless on my front sidewalk. I took it inside and laid it on a piece of paper, waiting to see if it might still be alive, but it was not. What beautiful wings and perfect body, I marveled at the intricacy of the insect. I left it where it lay for a few days knowing it would dry out. Preserving the dragonfly as a plant pick was my way of paying homage to its magical beauty.


A small dab of hot glue and a cloth covered floral wire was all it took to attach the dragonfly to the wire.


I wrapped the opposite end of the wire around a small toothpick and inserted it into a fern. Beautiful. If you are squeamish about bugs perhaps you don’t see the beauty of my craft, but I am filled with awe when I gaze at the perfection of the dragonfly. This technique will also worked on other beautiful winged creatures. I have found quite a few large butterflies and moths perfectly preserved on forest floors and fields. Keep your eyes open for a winged creature who has succumbed to old age and find a way to extend its beauty for a bit longer.