Plants – Propagating Coleus

I hope to save many coleus this year as both plants and seeds. To do this I will leave the majority of the plants in pots outdoors to flower and develop seeds, but for the ones I especially admire, I will take cuttings while rapid growth is taking place.

I like to come up with names for the coleus that are unique. Pink is a color I desire in a coleus so the leaf on the left is especially fine to me with that large pink splotch in the center. I also like the scalloped edges in two tones of green. I think I will call this one: The Scalloped Rose.

The coleus in the center is so unique I am astounded. The center of the leaf is an ecru/pinkish/white color and it is edged with brilliant lime green. The ruffled appearance of the plant makes me think of a Victorian cravat and Jane Austen books. Aha! The perfect choice of name: Lymed Cravat. For those of you who read Jane Austen perhaps you will notice my play on the word lime as the town of Lyme in ‘Persausion.’

I haven’t come up with a name for the third yet, but I’m thinking…any ideas? Many thanks to Candice, you can read her reply in the comment section. The name of the third is now ‘Wildfire.’ Thanks so much Candice…it’s a perfect choice. Candice is a WordPress Blogger. You can read her posts on: This Made Me Smile Today.

17 thoughts on “Plants – Propagating Coleus

  1. Wildfire is a great name. These must be rare coleus (coleii?), right Kathy?
    My mother is a fan of coleus too.
    As usual I am surprised coleus can grow from seeds- I always thought they grew from cuttings.
    The middle one Lymed Cravat is really beautiful.

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    1. Timelesslady

      Thanks Susie, I don’t know if they are rare, but they are very unique since they come from years and years of allowing coleus to cross-pollinate and seed collection afterwards. I love seeing what new leaf patterns and colors I will find each year. Thanks for taking a look. Kathy

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      1. Oh, are they varieties you developed then ?
        Have you heard the story of Alice Vonk and the white marigold she developed with years of self pollination ( may be) ?
        Your work seems similar to hers. Honestly I didn’t know you were such an enthusiastic horticulturist and a business woman as well. So proud of you.

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        1. Timelesslady

          I only have sold some seed packets this year. I have many planted in hopes of more next year. I don’t hand-pollinate, I let the insects pollinators do the work. This year I have quite a few really unique plants. I’m excited about what new looks they will bring forth next year. Thanks Susie, Kathy


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