Quote – Whosoever Will

Block Island, Rhode Island

I am happy today, and the sun shines bright,
The clouds have been rolled away;
For the Savior said, whosoever will
May come with Him to stay.
“Whosoever” surely meaneth me,
Surely meaneth me, oh, surely meaneth me;
“Whosoever” surely meaneth me,
“Whosoever” meaneth me.
~ James E. McConnell

Here’s an old-fashioned hymn in barbershop quartet style with plenty of good harmonies. I sang this song many times as a child, a favorite of the Sunday evening program called ‘Young People’s Service.’ Everyone in our church attended, regardless if they were young or old. The program was relaxed and a bit rambunctious with games, quizzes, and plenty of singing.

‘Whosoever’ does mean you, my friend. All you have to do is say, “I will.” God’s promises are true, whosoever will may come. Amen and God bless you on this Sabbath Day.

4 thoughts on “Quote – Whosoever Will

  1. Kathy,
    This song is similar to many we sung during sunday school so long back. The song is beautiful and meaningful plus there is not at all, any background noise, so the words are clear. Thank you for sharing that’ Whosoever” means ” me too”.


    1. Timelesslady

      I love this song Susie. I was also glad to be reminded of it through my own post. I had not sung it in quite awhile, today I’ve been singing it around the house. Kathy

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