Pheathers – Delaware Bay Eagle

It’s been a week of beautiful raptors.

We spotted him in the salt marsh as we drove down Fortescue Road toward the Delaware Bay.

The morning was still breaking, the clouds were tinged with pink. We stopped and admired his beauty against the sky.

His wingspan was breathtaking as he flew above the marsh. It was only when he had disappeared from view that we noticed the amazing nest.

This is a perfect spot for raptors, whether they be eagle, osprey or hawk.  There are many species of birds thriving in the salt marshes along the Delaware Bay in New Jersey.


6 thoughts on “Pheathers – Delaware Bay Eagle

  1. Wonderful eagle photos and what a huge nest. Did you notice when you watched it flying, it gave you a feeling of serenity? On occasion, from my bedroom window, I see birds gliding/soaring in the air currents I know immediately it is a hawk (common in my semi-rural town). Due to their distance, however, I am unable to determine what type it is but it always makes me smile. You were very fortunate to view that eagle at a closer distance.

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