Plants & Perspective – Cuttings

In August I took about three dozen cuttings of plants I liked. Oh my! They all took to rooting in water and soil and I soon had them growing under lights in the basement. My success surprised me even though I have rooted cuttings for years. The small plants quickly became another demand of my time.

Where are the plants now? You might cringe and ask ‘why,’ when I tell you they are in the compost heap. I am getting wiser. I am cutting back on things that tie up my time and energy. Do I really need to carry over so many plants? I live in an area with many garden nurseries. My flowering perennials grow larger every year. I don’t really need as many plants as I did in the past.

I’ve decided I must cut away successful endeavors that might kill me. Sounds funny, but those of you with too many projects going on know exactly what I mean. Growing older for me means less really does give me more…and by that I mean TIME. By the way, I also have a glorious compost heap to use next year. Hooray!

9 thoughts on “Plants & Perspective – Cuttings

  1. I *completely* understand your sentiments! Sometimes in life, even those things you enjoy can become stressful if not done correctly. When you feel overwhelmed and cluttered, something is wrong and its time to reevaluate what is needed and how to get there.

    Plants are therapy, unless you’re overcome with them, entirely too much for just one person Then it’s just another job to take care of. Plant care should definitely never feel like that.

    Your photo is stunning. Thank you for sharing.

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  2. Timelesslady

    Thanks for your wise words! Plants are a therapy until, as you said, they become a job or chore. Now I can take better care of the ones I have kept.


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